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382090 - 1000A 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger (60 Hz)
382091 - 1000A 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger (50 Hz)

Four clamps for power measurements on single phase, 3-phase/3-wire or 3-phase/4-wire systems

42275 - Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit with PC Interface
Compact, powerful and easy to use - records up to 16,000 readings - multiple dataloggers can be programmed and downloaded from one singl docking station
42260 - Temperature Datalogger
Temperature Datalogger for 42265 kit and the 42266 Programmer/Printer
42266 - Temperature Datalogger Programmer with Printer
Datalogger system which includes one 42260 Temperature Datalogger
RH350 - SuperHeat Psychrometer
Humidity, Wet bulb, Dew Point, Air Temperature plus External Probe Temperature measurements
RH355 - SuperHeat Psychrometer Kit
Includes RH300, two Type K bead wire temperature probes, 33% and 75% calibration bottles, RS-232 cable, 4 AAA batteries and carrying case
42270 - Temperature/Humidity Datalogger
Additional Datalogger for 42275, compact, powerful and easy to use - records up to 16,000 readings

42276- Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Programmer with Printer
Ability to download, print or graph the logged data anytime, anywhere

EA25 - EasyView™ Hygro-Thermometer and Datalogger
Dual display of RH, Temperature, Dew Point and Wet Bulb with datalogging feature that stores up to 99 manual readings for display recall or up to 15,000 readings for PC download
446580 - Hygro-Thermometer Datalogger
Built-in sensor and internal memory stores 7000 readings with PC interface
EA15 - Seven Thermocouple Datalogging Thermometer
Internal memory stores up to 8800 data sets from thermocouple types: K, J, T, E, R, S, and N
451126 - CFM Vane Anemometer Datalogger
Measures Air Velocity, or Air Volume and Temperature and RS-232 PC Interface plus internal 1000 point datalogger
380340 - Battery Operated Datalogger
Captures up to 8000 readings from Extech's Heavy Duty meters
401036 - Light Meter Datalogger with PC Software
Internal memory stores up to 16,000 readings plus includes PC interface and software
407764 - 16,000 point Datalogging Sound Level Meter
Type 2 meter with datalogging memory for 16,000 records plus PC interface and software
407780 - Integrating Sound Level Datalogger
Leq and SEL measurements with built-in datalogger and PC interface
ML720 - MultiLog™ Datalogger MultiMeter, 43,000 data points
True RMS multimeter datalogs up to 43,000 data points at capture rates as fast as 20 times/second
380366 - Insulation Tester + Datalogger
Autoranging insulation measurements to 4000MΩ
382068 - 1000A True RMS Clamp-on Power Datalogger Kit
Datalogs up to 4000 readings
380803 - True RMS Power Analyzer Datalogger
Compact, battery operated device for analyzing AC/DC power loads - with PC interface plus datalogging

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