Air Velocity Meter Series 400 from Dwyer Instruments

Air Velocity Meter, Series 400, Dwyer Instruments
400-5 Air Meter

Air Velocity Meter, Series 400, Dwyer Instruments
400-10 Complete Kit

Measure both pressure and air velocity

Read the red figures directly in feet per minute of velocity - from 400 to 10,000 fpm No conversion tables needed for air at standard conditions. Read the black figures in inches of water column air pressure - from 0 to 10" w.c.

Our most popular precision air velocity instrument, the No. 400 is used to balance air conditioning systems, measure pressure drop across filters, and test fan and blower discharge and inlet pressures, as well as air velocity in ducts. It offers the convenience of a dual purpose instrument - plus high accuracy on easy-to-read scales. A versatile, all around manometer for the air conditioning and balancing contractor or industrial plant.

Kit includes No. 400 Air Meter and all accessories:
Combination Inclined/Vertical Manometer. Dwyer® Durablock® precision machined solid acrylic plastic construction is virtually indestructible. Has both inclined section for high accuracy and vertical section for extended range. Pressure marked in black, Velocity in red figures. Easy to read - no reference tables needed. Has screw leveling adjustment and ground glass bubble level.


Stainless Steel Calibrated Pitot Tube - (18" Model 160-18 standard, other lengths available - see "Ordering" page). Graduated both sides in inches to show insertion depth for easy accurate duct traverse. Clean, burr-tree static holes. Suitable for temperatures up to 1500°F.

Rubber Tubing with Connectors - Two coils of 3/16" with metal terminal tubes.

Magneclip side mountings. Attach meter instantly to steel duct or surface.

Red Gage Oil - Spare bottle. For occasional refilling. Supply sufficient for several years of normal use. (Blue Gage Oil furnished with Model 400-23).

Instruction Card - Easy to read and understand. Plastic laminated, wipes clean.

Dwyer® Air Velocity Calculator - Slide rule eliminates tedious calculations - easily compensates for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure variations.

Steel Carrying Case - Professional quality. Welded seams, enamel finish. Hinged top locks with hasps. Foam plastic lined and fitted to protect meter and accessories. Size* 11-1/2" H x 20-1/4" W x 1-1/2" D. Only 13-1/2 lbs. with equipment.

*No. 400-5-S is 11" x 11-1/2" x 2-1/2". Contact factory for extra long steel cases for use with longer Pitot tubes.

Air Velocity Meter Series 400 Manual
Air Velocity Meter Series 400