Precision Digital - Supplier of Digital Panel Meters

Precision Digital, Digital Panel Meters, loop-powered indicators, rate/totalizers, annunciators, temperature indicators

Precision Digital offers panel meters for process, flow rate totalizer, level, temperature, or pump control and display, including in hazardous areas.

Precsion Digital products include: line- & loop-powered indicators & rate/totalizers, scanners & annunciators, temperature indicators and controllers, digital pressure gauges, Modbus® meter, large display indicators, and multi-channel controllers. PDC's products are used mostly in flow, level, pressure, and temperature applications and are packaged for panel, field, and surface mounting.

Digital panel meters (DPMs) continue to evolve even now, more than 35 years after the first analog to digital converters (ADCs) enabled the conversion from galvanometer-type analog meters. A digital panel meter brings increased readability, eliminates hysteresis error, and greatly increases reliability and accuracy. Today, new technology allows for two very readable lines of LED display, sunlight readable LEDs, increased power efficiency, multiple colored LEDs, significantly more powerful features and functions, and improved digital communications. Today's digital panel meters are simply sophisticated and easier to program/configure, like Precision Digital's ProVu series.

Precsion Digital Products

Annunciators - PD8-154, PD154, PD8-158, PD158 4 and 8 Point Annunciators From Precision Digital
Javelin D Digital Panel Meters
Javelin D Digital High Voltage DC Panel Meters From Precision Digital
Loop Powered Digital Panel Meters
Loop-Powered Digital Panel Meters From Precision Digital
Multi-Channel Controllers
ConsoliDator 4 Multi-Channel Controller for Wall Mount, ConsoliDator 4 Multi-Channel Controller for Panel Mount, PD980: ConsoliDator 8 Multi-Channel Controller for Wall Mount, ConsoliDator 8 Multi-Channel Controller for Panel Mount
PD6000: Dual-Line Digital Process Meter
ProVu Digital Panel Meters
ProVu Dual-Line Digital Process Meter, ProVu Dual-Input Digital Process Meter with Math Capability, ProVu Analog Input Dual-Line Flow Rate/Totalizer, ProVu Analog Input Batch Controllers, ProVu Pulse Input Dual-Line Flow Rate/Totalizer, ProVu Pulse Input Batch Controllers, ProVu Dual Line 6 Digit Temperature Meter
PD743: Sabre T Low-Cost Temperature Panel Meter
Sabre Digital Panel Meters
Sabre T Low-Cost Temperature Digital Panel Meter, Sabre P Low-Cost Digital Process Meter.
PD865 Snooper Serial Input Modbus Meter
Snooper Digital Panel Meters
Snooper Serial Input Modbus Digital Panel Meter
PD765: Process and Temperature Meter
Trident Digital Panel Meters
The Trident line of digital panel meters is one of the most versatile meters on the market and will satisfy a wide variety of process applications.