Series MSC Signal Conditioners from Dwyer Instruments

Series MSC,Signal Conditioners,Dwyer,InstrumentsThe Series MSC Signal Conditioners provide maximum accuracy with minimal cost. Built-in microprocessor digitally scales, amplifies, linearizes and isolates thermocouple, RTD, current, voltage, frequency or potentiometer analog input signals. Units offer 16-bit input resolution with 0.05% full scale accuracy. Eliminate ground loops with 1500 VAC isolation. Two LEDs, one red and one green, located on the front face of the enclosure provide visual indication of operation. Additional features include short circuit, reverse power protection, digital calibration and cold junction compensation.

Installation is a snap with the DIN rail mountable enclosure. Units are factory set to support a specific analog input and output, however, can be easily reconfigured to suit your application with the user-friendly Windows® Configuration software and cable (sold separately).

Also available is the SCC-4W DIN Rail Mount power supply and SCC-L1 Loop Isolator. Model SCC-4W is designed specifically to provide 24 VDC power for the SCC modules. Model SCC-L1 accepts a 4 to 20 mA signal and provides an isolated 4 to 20 mA signal output.

Series MSC Signal Conditioners

Accuracy: 0.05% F.S. (includes linearity, repeatability and calibration errors)
Drift: 0.01% F.S. per C (offset + gain)
CJC Accuracy: 0.2C over 15 to 55C (ambient) <1.0C over -40 to 15C <.3C over 55 to 75C
Resolution: 16 bits
Isolation: 1500 VAC continuous (3-way, 2-way for excitation)
Input Protection: 220 VAC RMS
CMRR: 160 dB
NMRR: >80 dB at 60 Hz
Input Impedance: 1 G ohm (mV/TC), 55K ohm (V), 82 ohm (C) Excitation 150A(RTD), 1.25V(POT)
Output Impedance: >10M ohm (C), ~0 ohm (V)
Output Load: 600 ohm for 4-20mA
Power: 15-32 VDC @ 25 mA
Sensitivity: 0.001% F.S. per volt
Operating Temp: -40C to +75C
Storage Temp: -45C to +85C
Certifications: UL, cUL, CSA, CE
ESD: IEC EN61000-4-2 (4KV)
Transient: IEC EN61000-4-4 (2KV)
RFI: IEC EN61000-4-8 (10KV/m)
Dimensions: 88mm (H) x 68mm (D) x 12mm (W) (3.5 in x 2.7 in x .48 in)
Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz.)
Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Mounting: DIN rail (32mm-G and 35mm-H)
Terminals: Screw Terminals accept 14-22 AWG


Type J Thermocouple -100 to +1607 -73 to +871
Type K Thermocouple -200 to +2500 -129 to +1371
Type T Thermocouple -350 to +750 -212 to +398
Type E Thermocouple -100 to +1800 -73 to +982
Type R Thermocouple 0 to 3200 -17 to +1760
Type S Thermocouple 0 to 3200 -17 to +1760
Type B Thermocouple +75 to +3308 +24 to 1820
Type N Thermocouple -100 to +2372 -73 to +1300
100 Ohm Plt. 0.00385 DIN RTD -328 to 1607 -200 to +875
120 Ohm Nickel 0.00628 US RTD -112 to +608 -80 to +320
1000 Ohm Plt. O.00385 DIN RTD -328 to +1607 -200 to +875
Potentiometer 500Ω to 100Ω
Frequency 0 to 10 kHz
Current/Voltage 0-20 mADC/ 0 to 10 VDC