Tank Level Indicator from Dwyer Instruments

The Series TLI Tank Level Indicator provides a visual indication of the height of liquid contained in a tank. The foot unit can also be used as a sight flow tube when mounting in a pipeline. The TLI Series utilizes a double wll construction to indicate the level of corrosive or ultra-pure liquids and is available with PVC, Polypropylene, or Teflon fittings and or " NPT threads. Viton seals are standard. All units are hydrostatically tested to 400 psi.

TLI Tank Level Indicator

Temperature Limit: 140F (60C) PVC, 210F (100C) PTFE, 185F (85C) Polypropylene.
Operating Pressure: 100 psi. Continuous operation 180F (82C).
Piping Connections: " or " NPT.
Wetted Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Flouroelastomer O-rings, PVC, Polypropylene or PTFE Fittings. Non wetted Acrylic.