Temperature Transmitters from Dwyer Instruments

Series 650 Temperature TransmitterThe Series 650 Temperature Transmitter combines low cost with small size making it ideal for a wide variety of HVAC, industrial and commercial multi-point temperature monitoring applications. Non-polarized terminals simplify connection to any 12-35 VDC power supply. Capable of operation with long cable runs, Series 650 Transmitters are well suited for monitoring air or water temperatures at remote locations. Three models in popular ranges factory calibrated within 0.3% of span. All are linear within 0.25% of span and may be recalibrated within low range and span limits shown on Catalogue page. Low range is temperature corresponding to 4 mA output. Span is temperature difference between Low and High ranges corresponding to 4-20 mA output signal.

Series 651 Temperature TransmitterLinearized output for precise temperature monitoring or control is combined with small size and quick, easy mounting. Rugged Series 651 Transmitters are designed for use with 2 or 3-wire Pt100 RTDs (to DIN standard 43760 or BS1904) or ungrounded Type K thermocouples. Thermocouple Models 651TC are cold junction compensated, automatic 32 to 160°F (0 to 70°C) with upscale burnout. These economical devices provide the accuracy and reliability you need at the lowest possible cost.

Model 652-0 Programmable TransmitterModel 652-0 Programmable Transmitter accepts any commonly used temperature sensor, slidewire transducer or millivolt signal and produces a 4 to 20 mA output signal. Input type and range are easily programmed using a PC and the simple Windows™ based software program Model 652-C sold separately. The user can completely reconfigure units of measure, high/low range, filtering factor, offset, and transmitter reference details. The Model 652-0 features 500V input to output isolation to remove ground loop effects and four filter settings to remove incoming signal noise. Outstanding versatility and compact size make this unit ideal for any temperature application.

Series 659 Push-Button Temperature TransmitterSeries 659 Push-Button Temperature Transmitters accept thermocouple (J, K, T), RTD (Pt100O) or thermistor input and provide a linearized 4 to 20 mA output. The transmitter is quickly ranged and calibrated by using a single on-board switch. An LED provides visual indication of sensor fault and programming mode. Models feature reverse polarity protection. Thermocouple models are also galvanically isolated and cold junction compensated.

The compact transmitter can be mounted directly within any standard thermal head for connection to the sensor. The Series 659 Transmitters are ideal for temperature measurement in boilers, burners, ducts, furnaces, refrigeration systems, food processing, tanks, chemical processing, steam generators or any other process application.

Series BTO Bimetal Thermometer with Transmitter OutputThe Series BTO Bimetal Thermometer with Transmitter Output eliminates the need for a separate thermometer and transmitter. By only needing one connection, the BTO series reduces installation cost and saves space. The head-mount transmitter is located in a weatherproof thermal head located on the side of the stem. The BTO series is ideal for use on power generating boilers, skid mounted compressors, and thermal oxidation systems.

Series HHT Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature TransmitterThe Series HHT Hazardous Area Humidity/Temperature Transmitter takes accurate measurements in the harshest of environments. The transmitter is offered in explosion-proof and intrinsically-safe versions depending on the application's requirements. The explosion-proof model is offered with 4 to 20 mA output for humidity only. The intrinsically-safe version is offered with 4 to 20 mA output for humidity and temperature. Both versions have an optional two line alphanumeric display to show the current humidity and temperature.

The Series HHT humidity/temperature transmitter is excellent for offshore HVAC applications, dust and grain applications. Intrinsically safe models require an intrinsically safe barrier.

Series TTE Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature TransmitterThe Series TTE Explosion-Proof RTD Temperature Transmitter is the ideal product for hazardous temperature measurement applications. The TTE series has seven pre-programmed temperature ranges that are selectable via an internal dip switch. For those applications that need a custom range, the transmitter can be easily configured for any range between -30 to 250°F with a minimum span of 40°F. The span and zero can be quickly adjusted with a simple push button design. The compact housing allows for the transmitter to be mounted in virtually any application.