Fuji PXR3 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller

Fuji PXR3, 1/32 DIN, Temperature, Process, ControllerThe PXR3 is Fuji Electric’s powerful self-tuning 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller with low-cost communications option. The new PXR3 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Controller is packed with features, to meet a wide variety of needs in the process control industry. Low-cost options include RS485 communications, analog retransmission, digital input, timer function, dual outputs, programmable alarms, and 24 VAC/DC power supply.

One of the most impressive features is the large LED display — larger than most other 1/32 DIN controllers on the market. The faceplate, designed for NEMA 4X (IP66 equivalent), is watertight and corrosion-resistant. The easy-to-use 3-button keypad allows for programming similar to the popular PXR4/PXW controller.

Fuji PXR3, 1/32 DIN, Temperature, Process, ControllerThe controller has all the standard features that were available in the PXV3 controller, and more. In addition to auto-tuning and fuzzy control, it now comes with self-tuning — an innovation in the control field. It automatically retunes the controller under certain conditions, without the need to revert to auto-tuning. The standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16-step profile. The PXR3 accepts temperature and process inputs, and offers two control outputs and two programmable alarms.

Remote monitoring of up to 31 controllers at a time is possible with the RS485 option that uses the industry-standard Modbus™ protocol. Comes with free Windows®-based software, PXR-LITE™.

PXR-LITE Communications Software

PXR-LITE© is a free Windows-based software that is supplied with the communications option on a PXR controller. It is the latest in control and monitoring of Fuji Electric’s PXR series controllers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of single or multiple controllers using a single half-duplex RS-485 line.

• Monitor and Control Up to 31 Controllers from a PC via RS485-RS232 Signal Converter
• Real-Time Charting and Data-Logging
• Remote Setpoint Adjustment
• Set Control Modes, Alarms and Other Control Parameters
• Remote Auto-Tuning and Ramp-Soak Programming
• Live Display of Process and Setpoint Values, Alarm Annunciators
• View Single-Station or Multi-Station Data
• Comprehensive Help File Included
• Runs on Windows Environment, 3.1 or Later


Large LED Display
4-digit, 11.5 mm-high display
Waterproof faceplate conforms to NEMA-4X/IP66
Digital Input
Change between setpoints (SVO, SV1)
Change between ramp/soak and standby
Start/reset the ramp/soak
Start/stop the auto tuning
Cancel the alarm latch
Start the incorporated timer
PID with Self-Tuning or Fuzzy Control
• 24V AC/DC Supply Voltage Option

Timer Function
On-delay or off-delay timer activated with digital input
Up to 2 timer outputs can be obtained
Heating/Cooling Control
Obtain both heating and cooling control output
Ramp/Soak Function
Up to 16 ramp/soak segments
Up to two 8-segment patterns
Analog Retransmission Option
4-20 mA Retransmission of PV, SV, MV, DV
Communications Function
RS485 (Modbus™ protocol) interface permits remote monitoring from a PC. Free Windows®-based software,
Manufactured in a ISO 9001 facility and backed by a 3-year warranty
Free Communications Software comes with the RS485 option.