Air Velocity Meters From TPI (Test Products International)

Measure Air Flow in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.



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Air Velocity

Air, Velocity, Meters, TPI, Test Products International

Digital vane air velocity, calculate CFM and temperature
  • Measure air velocity, air flow and temperature
  • Five units of measure for air velocity: (m/s, km/hr, mile/hr, knots, ft/min)
  • Two units of measure for air flow: (cfm, cmm)
  • Send real time and logged data to a PC via optional A500 interface cable
  • Four digit dual line display simultaneously shows air flow and temperature
  • Data record displays minimum, maximum and average readings
  • Data log up to 1000 readings in 1 second to 999 second intervals

Data Sheet
Instruction Manual

Air, Velocity, Meters, TPI, Test Products International

Air Velocity & Humidity

Combo Vane & hot wire anemometer and temperature
  • Increased versatility, uses both hot wire and vane type probes
  • Measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously
  • Record, minimum, maximum and average
  • Data hold
  • Auto power off (10 min.)
  • Low battery display
  • Multiple units of measure: (m/s, k/h, mile/h, knots, ft./min)
  • Download data to a computer using the RS-232 port and optional A500 cable
  • 39"cable length

Product Sheet
Instruction Manual