Smoke Emitters From Regin HVAC Products, Inc.

Persistent white tracer smoke--great for checking air flow patterns and performing leak tests.

Smoke Emitters, Regin HVAC Products, E & E Process InstrumentationChoose from a variety of burn times and smoke volumes to meet your needs.

This product ships safely world-wide!

S102 45 seconds / 150 cu ft;

S103 90 seconds / 600 cu ft;

S104 3 minutes / 1200 cu ft;

S105 4 minutes / 2500 cu ft;

Smoke Emitters, Regin HVAC Products, E & E Process InstrumentationRegin® Smoke Emitters are practical and economical. The smoke emitters consist of an plastic cup into which the smoke generating compound is packed. The compound ignites when touched by a lit match or lighter. No flame is produced, only generous amounts of dense white smoke. Smoke particle size is 0.3 to 2.5 microns--perfect for testing high efficiency filters and other air purifying equipment.

The smoke is non-toxic, containing no zinc or oil—and leaves no residue!

Extremely stable. Up to 3-years expected shelf life!

Click here for Smoke Emitters MSDS.