Smoke Matches, Regin HVAC Products, E & E Process Instrumentation

Persistent white tracer smoke--great for checking air flow patterns and performing leak tests.

S210 Smoke Matches, 20 per box Qty:

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Strike and light Smoke Matches just like a regular match. No flame is produced, only a 20-cubic-foot cloud of non-toxic smoke generated over approximately 30 seconds.

Easy-To-Use! Simply strike to light a Smoke Match and hold it in the air stream to be tested. Smoke Matches are self-extinguishing, leaving no residue behind. The smoke is non-toxic--free of zinc and oil. No dripping. No staining.

Smoke Matches are ideal for air-flow tests where only a small amount of smoke is needed. practical uses include testing of smoke detectors, checking chimney and flue drafts, fume hoods, photographic special effects, and more. The small particle size (only 0.3 to 2.5 microns is perfect for testing high-efficiency air filters and other air-purifying equipment.

3-year self-life guaranteed!

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