Smoke-Pen From Regin HVAC Products, Inc.

Persistent white tracer smoke--great for checking air flow patterns and performing leak tests.

Smoke-Pen, Regin HVAC Products, E & E Process InstrumentationThe new Regin Smoke-Pen works like a mechanical pencil. Adjust the patented smoke-emitting wick to provide 3/8” of exposed length, then light the wick with a match or lighter. The Regin Smoke-Pen will provide a continuous trail of non-toxic white smoke until extinguished by rep acing the protective cover. The unused portion of the wick stores safely in the pen barrel. The reusable Smoke Pen comes with six wicks, providing a total of three hours of continuous smoke or about 360 individual 30-second tests.

Click here for Smoke Pen MSDS.