Raytek Thermalert GP Monitor

Raytek Thermalert, GP MonitorRaytek’s compact temperature monitoring systems are easy to both install and integrate into an existing process control system. The centerpiece of this system is the 1/8 DIN Thermalert® GP™ monitor which provides a standard interface for Raytek sensing heads including the Thermalert GPR or GPS. If a separate monitor is not required, the two-piece Thermalert MID sensor, or the integrated Thermalert CI sensor, provides compact solutions to infrared temperature monitoring.

When panel space is tight, the GP 1/8 DIN monitor gives you the benefits of a non-contact with no reduction in accuracy. Combined with the GPR or GPS sensing heads, the GP monitor system provides on-going temperature readings with a superior 1% accuracy. Adjustable offset and two adjustable setpoints with alarm outputs for tight process control are features used in the GP system along with being able to configure all monitor and sensor functions from the front panel. The large, 4-digit, easy-to-read display assists in taking readings at a glance.

This versatile GP system allows for the configuration of an infrared temperature monitoring system that best matches the application. If the sensor head is located near the measurement target, or the target is large, the GPS or CI is appropriate. If the measurement spot is small, or the sensor must be located further from the target, the GPR with 35:1 optics is required. The GP sensing heads range from the small to the miniature allowing you to place sensors anywhere. With the prices as low as they are, enhanced monitoring coverage can be accomplished by installing these sensors at multiple points throughout the process.

As a low maintenance solution for thermocouples, the Thermalert MID or CI may fit the bill. The two piece MID system with miniature sensing head and separate electronics, features adjustable Emissivity and selectable Peak Hold, Valley Hold and Averaging. The CI is a compact, integrated unit with the same output impedance as a thermocouple. It functions without offset error when used in tandem with the thermocouple break-protection circuitry in most controllers, displays and transmitters. Both the MID and the CI are encased in rugged housings which ensure continuous, long-term performance in environments with high ambient temperatures.

Technology Explained: Raytek infrared thermometers measure temperature from a distance by detecting the amount of thermal electromagnetic radiation emitted from the object being measured. This allows users to accurately measure surface temperatures in hazardous or hard-to-reach places, or other situations in which non-contact temperature measurement is desirable. Infrared thermometer technology is useful in a wide range of applications – including industrial, laboratory, food service, fire fighting, hobby and home use. While the technology is relatively simple, the myriad of names given to these devices can be confusing. “Laser Thermometers” makes reference to the laser that helps aim the thermometer. “IR Sensors” and “IR Thermometers” make use of a common abbreviation for “infrared”. “Non-Contact Thermometers” is descriptive of the device’s ability to measure temperature from a distance. “Radiation Pyrometers” is a scientific/technical term for these devices.