Natural Gas, CO, H2S, O2 Detectors Gas-Sentry Bascom-Turner CGA-411

Natural,Gas,CO,H2S,O2,Detectors,Gas-Sentry,Bascom,Turner,CGA-411   Natural,Gas,CO,H2S,O2,Detectors,Gas-Sentry,Bascom,Turner,CGA-411

Gas-Sentry Model CGA-411

Threee-In-One, Fast, Accurate

These multifunctional detectors, developed with support from the Gas Research Institute (GRI), combine previously separate instruments into one small, lightweight package at a fraction of the total cost. Two types of natural gas sensors, electrochemical carbon monoxide / hydrogen sulfide (CO / H2S) and oxygen sensors, a built-in pump and microprocessor control provides accurate and fast gas, CO, and oxygen readings. The Gas-Sentry, when used with the standard, gooseneck, or bar hole probes, can locate both indoor and outdoor leaks and when used on the % oxygen scale will check all sensors for safe-air prior to confined space entry. When used with the flue gas probe and interference filter, which removes H2S and NO, the Gas-Sentry performs outdoor / indoor differential CO readings, and flue gas tests. Now you can carry one detector and do the whole job both indoors and outdoors.

The model CGA-412 displays all gas readings as %GAS while the Model CGA-411's TRACK GAS scale displays readings as a percentage of the lower explosive level (%LEL). Both models automatically select the optimal sensor (catalytic combustion or thermal conductivity) for highest accuracy and read percent gas over the full range (0.03 to 100%). The fast TRACK GAS scale helps locate gas leaks quickly. CO in flue gas and in ambient air is measured with 5ppm resolution (1 ppm resolution is optional) and with specificity when the detector is used with the external interference filter. The % oxygen scale reads out 0-40% while checking all sensors for alarm conditions. If one or more alarm conditions exist while on the % oxygen scale the Gas-Sentry will beep and flash an alarm message (LoO2, HiO2, CO , and/or GAS).

The detector comes with a standard 12 inch two piece probe, a metal telescoping flue probe with refillable interference filter, a manual, a laminated short guide to operation, a set of batteries, a carryall with pouch for probes, and a shoulder strap. Also included is:

Automatic Calibration (A-CAL TM)

Automatic calibration is a standard feature built into all Gas-Sentry detectors. Using Bascom-Turner's calibration gas, delivered either manually or by an automatic gas dispenser, detectors are automatically calibrated in about 30 seconds.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

There is a lifetime limited warranty on the detector's electronics and a three year limited warranty on sensors applicable to detectors and sensors in the USA. The pump and accessories are warranted for one year.

Intrinsically Safe

UL listed for hazardous locations, Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, and D.


  • Docking Calibration (D-CAL TM) - Optional hardware and software allow automatic bi-directional serial IR communication between a Gas-Sentry, equipped with an optional sapphire window, and a docking station for calibration verification and record-keeping.

  • Air-Free CO Measurements - ppm CO in flue gas when oxygen levels are less than 16%.

  • Extended Duty Flue Probe - for flue gas sampling lasting longer than 5 minutes such as during burner adjustment.

  • Bar Hole Probes - clear plastic, fiberglass, and stainless steel long probes for underground leak location.

  • Gooseneck Probe - for faster response on TRACK GAS scale.

  • Instrument Case - for storage of detector and accessories.

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