Stainless Steel Flow Switch from Almeg Controls

Stainless Steel Flow SwitchDesigned to detect flow or no flow in pipes with diameters from 1 1/4" to 4" NPT.

The flow switch is supplied with a full length paddle and is trimmed at the time of installation to the required flow rate.  

The flow profile is engraved on the paddle. The flow switch is SPDT equipped and is capable of switching in either direction. 

Plastic model information available soon.

Operating Range   

Activation Range (chart to follow)
1 1/4"pipe 5 psi to 4" pipe 38 psi. 
(depends on paddle length cut

Fitting Size 1" NPT c/w 1/2" NPT Facing Up
Paddle 316 Stainless Steel
Spring 316 Stainless Steel
Other Wetted Parts Teflon (TM) and Ceramic
Temperature 125 deg. C  Max - 200 deg. C
Maximum Pressure 1900 psi
Pressure Movement 3 psig
Switch Rating 1A / 250 VAC Resistive  SPDT