ACR Nautilus Single-Channel Waterproof Temperature Data Loggers

Nautilus,Single,Channel,Waterproof,Temperature,Data,Loggers,ACR,SystemsACR Nautilus data loggers are single channel, waterproof temperature data loggers with the ability to record temperature in water, food or other liquids. Designed for rugged applications, Nautilus loggers are available in stainless steel or aluminum. Nautilus loggers can hold over 500 days of data and feature data compression capability. With extremely durable and robust construction and 10-year battery life, Nautilus loggers are your choice for temperature monitoring and logging in wet environments.

Common Specifications

18 mm x 127 mm (0.71" x 5.00")
Aluminum case: 51 grams (1.8 ounces)
Stainless steel case: 112 grams (4 ounces)
Case Material
Anodized aluminum or stainless steel
Operating Limits
See individual specifications
Operating Pressure Range
Up to 2000 PSI
Clock Accuracy
+/- 2 seconds per day
3.6 volt Lithium, 0.95 Amp-Hour
Power Consumption
5 to 10 microamps (continuous)
Battery Life
See individual specifications
Locking hole on cap
Memory Size
32 KB (up to 244,800 readings with data compression)
Sampling Methods
1. Continuous (First-in, First-out)
2. Stop when full (Fill-then-stop)
(Option to delay start)
Sampling Rates
User selectable from 8 seconds to 34 minutes
Readings stored to memory can be spot or averaged over the sample interval (except for the 8 second interval)
8-bit (1 part in 256)
PC Requirements
IBM PC or 100% compatible with a least 2MB RAM, 2MB of hard drive disk space and one free serial or USB port (depending on interface)
Software Requirements
TrendReader® Express (compatible with Windows® 2000, XP and Vista 32bit)

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Single-channel waterproof temperature data logger
Single-channel waterproof temperature data logger.
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