ACR SmartReader 6 7-Channel Temperature Data Logger from ACR Systems

SmartReader 6,7-Channel,Temperature,Data,Logger,ACR,SystemsThe ACR SmartReader 6 7-channel temperature data logger is ideal for those applications that require multi-site temperature monitoring of extremely high temperatures or wide temperature ranges. The logger has one internal channel for measuring ambient temperature and six external channels for use with ACR thermocouple wire or any J, K, S or T type thermocouple wire.


+/- 1% of range + resolution
ACR Thermocouple Wire or any J, K, S, T and E type thermocouples
Thermocouple Range and Resolution
J type: -20 to 190ºC (0 to 370ºF), 1.4ºC (2.5ºF)
K type: -25 to 230ºC (-10 to 440ºF), 1.7ºC (3ºF)
S type: 0 to 960ºC (32 to 1750ºF), 7.0ºC (12.6ºF)
T type: -35 to 200ºC (-30 to 390ºF), 1.7ºC (3ºF)

J type: -50 to 600ºC (-55 to 1100ºF), 5ºC (9ºF)
K type: -100 to 1150ºC (-145 to 2100ºF), 6.7ºC (12ºF)
S type: 0 to 1760ºC (32 to 3200ºF), 23ºC (41.5ºF)
T type: -200 to 400ºC (-325 to 750ºF), 6.7ºC (12ºF)

Ordering Information

Model Memory Catalogue #
SR-006N 32KB 01-0029
SR-006W 32KB 01-0030


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