ACR SmartReader 9 3-Channel Pulse Data Logger from ACR Systems

SmartReader 9,3-Channel,Pulse,Data,Logger,ACR,SystemsThe ACR SmartReader 9 3-channel pulse data logger is a versatile data logger designed for counting and recording digital pulses or switch contact closures. It has two input channels, each with three selectable frequency ranges. Data can be displayed in custom engineering units using the simple equation editor of ACR's TrendReader® 2 software. It also has one internal channel for recording ambient temperature.

Note: For "switch status" logging see SmartReader Plus 8.


32 pulses/second
64 pulses/second
128 pulses/second
Minimum Pulse Width
4 milliseconds
Input Impedance
750 K ohms
Switch Contact Closure Input
Input Type: Uncommitted switch or relay contacts
Voltage Inputs
Input Type: Active logic signals
Input Voltage: Low = 0 to 0.5 volts DC, High = 4.5 to 24 volts DC

Ordering Information

Model Memory Catalogue #
SR-009 32KB 01-0037


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